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What is palmdream?

Palmdream is a refreshing, natural coconut water that’s picked, cracked, and packed to fit in the palm of your hand.

Meet the dreamers…
over coffee

It all started when 3 entrepreneurs, 2 Emiratis and a Brazilian, met for coffee. As they were tossing around names for their dream project, ‘PalmGreen’ was confused with ‘Palmdream’, and the name was agreed upon. This was the beginning of Palmdream, a coconut water drink that’s born in Dubai, produced in Brazil, and all set to conquer the world.

Follow our bees...
to reach our farms

The source of our core ingredient lies hidden in a nursery, amid a forest in Northern Brazil – a region famed for its coconuts. And it’s protected by an S-shaped road to avoid bees from pollinating other types of coconut trees and disrupting the rest of the plantation with unwanted cross-breeding. The result? A pure, premium quality product for a singularly distinguishing taste.


Here it is! 100% pure coconut water
without any added flavours.
Just the way nature meant for you to taste it!

Nutritional Facts

Passion fruit

We’ve mixed our coconut water with a splash of
Maracuja juice – Brazilian passion fruit – to give you a cool, relaxing, healthy drink.

Nutritional Facts


When we blend Bergamota juice – Brazilian Tangerine –
with our coconut water, it can only be described
as ‘refrescante’ – Brazilian for ‘refreshing’.

Nutritional Facts

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